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Dion & Jason from Big Brother Australia 11 (2014)

who we are and who we need to be to s u r v i v e are two very different things.

Paris - 06262014

It’s been a little tense down there with everyone, which I’m a little sad about because I wanted it to be one big family.


@Luke5SOS: Me and my puppy rex (:


michaelgclifford: Hi I played this song for you

the type of boyfriend i think ASHTON would be!


in general: overall we all know that ashton is a giant sweetheart so i just think he’d be the kind of boyfriend that every girl deserves. he’d be really supportive about whatever it was that you were in to and he’d be really open about everything and always make sure to be there for you. he’d also be really serious about the relationship in the sense that, he wants it to be an equal, loving and involved relationship.

in public: when in public i think he’d keep the pda to a bare minimum but there would be those times when he just had to kiss you. he’d be really sneaky about it too, he’d wait until people around or weren’t paying attention to either of you and he’d just go for it; he’d kiss you hard and deep but not for very long and when he’d pull away he’d gently peck your nose. also, i think if around a lot of males in public or at a bar/club he’d be more on the assertive side, giving you more kisses and holding you by the hip to show everyone around just who you belonged to.

behind closed doors:
i definitely think that alone time would be spent really causally, like you’d be sat on the couch having some silly conversation or a deep and philosophical conversation, there would be no in between the two all while vinyl was playing in the background. you’d both also opt for cooking something, whether it was for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it would just be something you liked to do together. i also think he’d be quite clingy when you were alone together, like if you were reading or on your phone, basically anything self-involved, he’d whine and pretty much beg for attention from you, one of his other tactics to get the attention he craved would be cuddling up to you, kissing under your ear and most likely whispering sweet nothings into your ear or even things leaning toward the naughty side, and this was what usually granted him his attention.

sex: it would either be very loving and passionate or extremely rough and kinky, there would be no medium when it came to sex. the mood at the time would determine whether it would be passionate or rough. but either way it was always the best. he’d be super adamant in making sure you were pleased. i think that would be something that turned him on, turning you on. he’d also be very verbal; when it was passionate he’d repeat how much he loved you and how beautiful you were, but when it was rough, he’d make you beg and say things like, “yeah, you like when i fuck you like this, don’t you?” and “tell me how good it feels, princess.” as well as other things similar to those, basically he’d just be very gruff and demanding when the sex was rough. but, even after bending you over the kitchen table and whispering the filthiest of obscenities into your ear, he’d be straight back to his dorky, lovable self telling you how much he loved you when it was over. i definitely think he’d also love teasing, pushing you close to the edge over and over again before actually letting you experience euphoria; he’d for sure get so aroused by you whining and begging for him. for example, he’d love to have you sat naked between his legs with your back pressed against his chest while he fingered you and rubbed your clit, all while kissing your neck. i do also think certain kinks would come into play, such as spanking, use of “daddy” and some bondage. as far as bondage goes, he’d probably just blind-fold you with one of his bandanas. with spanking he’d probably stick to throwing you over his thigh and spanking you until he was satisfied with the pink hand print of his. “daddy” would be throw around mostly when you wanted to pull out a certain side of him or to just get him even more riled up, also when you wanted to be the one doing the teasing you’d call him “daddy.” for example, when giving him oral you’d say things like, “feed it to me, daddy.” and that’d drive him up the fucking wall. overall, sex would be one of your favorite ways to get close to each other and was always phenomenal.

cuddling: similar to sex with him, he’d want to be in control. so often he’d be the big spoon while you were the little spoon and that would be the jist of your cuddling together. but another thing you both loved was facing each other on your sides, legs tangled. he’d love to just stare at you while fiddling with your hair and occasionally tracing over your lips with his thumb, and you’d trace little patterns on the skin of his arms or chest and this would be the times you had little whispered conversations until one of you fell asleep. but of course, no matter how far apart you were when you feel asleep or the position you were in, you’d always wake up the same way: his leg swung over both of yours, one arm under the abundance of pillows, the other over your waist while your head would be tucked under his chin and you both were on your sides.

romantic gestures: he would love to surprise you with all sorts of things, loving the face you got when you weren’t expecting something. he’d often leave little notes around your shared apartment with things written on them like “your my whole world, i love you! x :)” and then you’d give him shit for not using the proper form of you’re and he’d respond with, “shut up, i was trying to be cute!” and he’d pout but you’d end up telling him, “you already are cute. but, you are my whole world too, and i love you more.” and he’d shake his head and say, “nuh uh, i love you more.” also he’d love to send you random texts throughout the day saying things like, “you make me so happy it genuinely scares me.” or, “the boys are giving me shit because i won’t shut up about how cute you are.” followed by, “you’re really cute it frustrates me and i feel the need to tell everyone.” basically, he’d do little things that just made your day all the better.

on tour with you: it’d be full of sexual encounters. being apart for even three weeks or even less, would drive the both of you crazy. the boys would make jokes like, “do either of you ever come up for air?!” also, this time spent together would be basically in a bubble. you would be so preoccupied with each other the time went by too fast. you’d attend every single show and interview while you were there. during the interviews you’d sit behind the camera of course and just watch and you’d end up making silly faces at each other half the time. also when you’d try to go out on a date night sort of thing, nine times out of ten you’d get mobbed and he’d get so upset over this. he’d rant to you like, “i was supposed to take you out, hold the door, pull out your chair, give you my jacket and say cute things…and i can’t now and it’s my fault.” and since you knew this genuinely upset him you’d try to flip the mood and make jokes like, “we could just skip to the end of the night and have sex.” and he’d roll his eyes but still laugh and say, “it was supposed to a process, step by step, and then we’d get to that.” and you’d tell him that you honestly weren’t upset and anytime with him was time well spent and he didn’t need to do all those things to make you happy so in result, cute words would be shared and after nights like this passionate sex was what followed. on nights where they were performing, he’d come off stage still fired up and all sweaty and this would drive you up the wall and be one of your biggest turn ons, seeing him like this, and you’d most likely whip out the daddy card, trying as quick as possible to get what you wanted by saying, “you did so good tonight, daddy.” and he’d end up dragging you back to the dressing room and having rough sex but not before sucking him off as a well done for his performance. also, being on tour would mean a lot of time spent with the rest of the guys as well, who you got along with seamlessly. but whenever you were with ashton and the guys, per usual, you’d be off in your own little world together, sitting together snuggled up and whispering to each other silly little things and or cutesy things.

on tour without you: you’d both feel like you were torn in half, missing the most important half of yourselfs. as hard as it was, you’d be calling, texting and skyping as much as you could. you’d get random texts at work or school from him saying things like, “i miss my seeing my hand print on your butt.” and this would lead to some cheeky conversation that would end quite sad with both of you expressing just how much you missed each other. during shows he’d dedicate songs to you and shout out, “this next one is for my lovely ball and chain back home, i love and miss you baby!” and of course, you’d get random snapchats all the time from him, mostly all with pouty faces, saying how much he missed you; you’d even get snapchats from the rest of the guys saying things like, “he won’t shut up about you!” also on occasions, you’d get so fed up with everything that was going on in your life and not having him by your side just made it harder so you’d call him breaking down crying and he’d stay on the phone calming you down for hours on end even though he had a morning interview.

social media: as we all know, this cheeky little shit is obsessed with selfies so of course he’d always be trying to get you to take pictures with him or just trying to take pictures of you, and because you were rather camera shy, he’d make it his mission to get some good selfies with you. and whenever you’d agree to a picture he’d get so excited and post it immediately. also, he’d try to keek you a lot, often at inconvenient times. for example, you’d be trying to nap or just didn’t want to get out of bed and he would be shouting, “wakey wakey!” while filming. also, he’d tweet about you often, whether it was indirect or not, everyone knew just who his lyric tweets were about. he’d often tweet while sitting right next to you too, saying things like, “@Y/T/N is cute” and you’d tweet him back, “@Ashton5SOS i’m literally right next to you” and then michael would hop in, tweeting out, “@Ashton5SOS @Y/T/N morons”.

around your friends: for the most part, he’d get along really well with your friends. for the friends of yours he didn’t know, he’d click with them instantly, and your friends would always comment on how cute the two of you were and of course your best friends would want to know all the dirty details about your relationship. on occasion, he’d get a bit protective around certain guy friends and you’d be sure to call him out saying, “is someone jealous?” with a shit-eating grin and he’d huff, “no…” but then mumble something like, “you’re mine, mine.” under his breath and you’d just kind of laugh saying, “awh, you’re so cute.” and he’d scoff, “i’m not cute! i’m supposed to be intimidating!” and you’d burst out laughing claiming, “baby, with inch-deep dimples and a smile that could make flowers grow, you’re not intimidating.” and he’d be silent for a couple seconds before saying, “that’s not what you were saying last night.” and he’d feel so proud of that comment.

around your family: he’d be overall so polite, making sure to say all that right things to your parents. but he really didn’t have to try all that hard, being naturally good with talking to adults and people in general. also, if you had younger siblings he’d be so good with them, already having experience being a brotherly figure. if you had older siblings i think he’d click with them as well but in a different way. i defiantly think your mother would adore him, always going on about how sweet and genuine he was. your dad on the other hand would a bit skeptical, it wasn’t that he disliked liked him it’d just revolve around the fact that he was your protective father. but after a while, he’d warm up to him but only after the father to boyfriend talk.

around paps/fans: he’d get so protective around fans and paps, more so the paps. although he could tolerate rude and annoying paps himself, he would so not put up with it if it were directed to you. he’d get the quiet kind of angry, he’d get so flustered and try to keep calm but probably end up saying relatively harsh things to them; toward kind and calm paps he wouldn’t mind them too much around you but he’d still keep a close eye and or tight grip on you. with fans, not too much hate would be sent purely because most of the fans would like you, because i mean your social media would be full of pictures of him that the fans would always thank you for and you’d always share news you were allowed to with them so it was hard to not like you. but of course, there would be those “fans” who would send you hate but he wouldn’t make it a big deal since your replies would be sarcastic and didn’t affect you much, you were aware that they were just jealous and wanted to be in your place, but silly jealous girls could never change your feelings toward your boyfriend. although there would be those days that were just crap and certain messages would just get to you so in result he would tweet something out like, “can everyone who’s sending hate to my beautiful girlfriend fuck off? she’s the best person i know and none of you know her like i do. so please, leave her alone and respect our relationship.”

living together: living under the same roof would be amazing to say the least. it’d be like living with your best friend, that you loved to have sex with regularly. it’d be filled with, shouting at him for taking your towel when you were in the shower, showering together, having movie marathons, building forts in the living room during storms, cooking dinner for each other or together, sleeping in late, trying to have sex on as many surfaces in the house, massages when one of you had a stressful day, shouting at him to put the toilet seat down because you almost fell in, asking him to kill spiders, ordering take out when you both were too lazy to cook, randomly making each other breakfast, random kisses, hearing him tap out beats on every hard surface, having week long prank wars, inviting the boys over (to eventually get driven out but your progression of affection throughout the night), wearing his clothes, dancing randomly around the house, keeking, staying up all night talking about nothing but having the best time, on occasion getting drunk together and so many more things. overall, it’d just be a great time and you’d both never get bored with each other.

in summary, ashton would be the best boyfriend. i could just be really biased but who cares

(Ashton / Michael / Luke / Calum)

» O C T A V I A    B L A K E

they’re my people t o o .